BreastFeeding Protect Women From Fatal Forms of Breast Cancer

breastfeeding linked to breast cancer

Women who breastfeed their babies are less likely to suffer from breast cancer, a latest research suggests.

Previously, all the researches were focused on the impact of breastfeeding on children. They proposed that breastfed babies are healthier and have a strong immune system. Breast milk contains special antibodies that defend body against common disease and infections.

Recently, health researchers carried out a survey to figure out the affect of breastfeeding on mother’s body. They carefully examined data of above 1,636 breast cancer patients. The participants were requested to fill a questionnaire related to breastfeeding.

In the end, the study shows that breastfeeding has numerous health benefits for mothers as well.

Marilyn Kwan, US health care provider Kaiser Permanente, calls it “startling” study. She states that this is the first time when any study determines the role of breastfeeding on cancer.

Breastfeeding produces a strong protective affect that fight against Luminal A subtype of breast cancer. The longer a mother breastfed her baby, the stronger the protective layer.  In addition, it cut down the chances of breast cancer recurrences up to 30 percent.

Bette Caan, co-author of the research, explains that breastfeeding instantly ascends up the maturation of ductal cells in breast.

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