Distinctive Song of Elusive New Bird Species Perplexed Scientists

new species of bird discoverd in China

An international team of ornithologists have discovered a new species of bird through its distinctive song.

The newly found bird, named as the Sichuan bush Warbler, lives in five Central provinces of China. It was hidden in dense and scrubby regions since last several decades. However, researchers recognized it through its unique low pitch song.

Dr. Per Alstrom, a researcher from the Swedish Species Information Center, along with his colleagues uncovered the bird in China. They reported that Sichuan bush Warbler is 13 centimeter long and weighs around 10 grams.

The close analysis of the newly discovered bird shows that it relates to Russet Bush Warbler. Both the species belonged to common ancestors that lived nearly 850,000 years ago. However, the Sichuan bush Warbler likes to live in lower elevation areas.

In order to pay tribute to later Professor Cheng Tso-hnsin, researchers proposed Locustella chengi as the scientific name of bird. He has written numerous scientific books and papers. He was also regarded as the founder of the Peking Natural History Museum.

Pamela Rasmussen, assistant curator at the Michigan State University Museum, talked about the reason behind bird’s name. She states this is the first time when any bird is named after Asian scientists. Most species of the birds are named after European scientists.

The paper is printed in the latest issue of Journal Avian Research.

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