High School Students Uncover the Weirdest-Ever Pulsar

Pulsar discovery

A group of high school students have found a pulsar with a strange orbit around the neutron star.

The newly discovered pulsar, codenamed as PSRJ1930-1852, has an orbital region of 52 million kilometers. The area is equal to the distance between Mercury and Sun.

Joe Swiggum, a physics and astronomy graduate student at West Virgina University, explained pulsar. He said that pulsar is the remnants of massive stars that have exploded from supernovas. They are considered as types of neutron stars. They emit magnetic energy way greater than the ordinary neutron stars. Generally, they are recognized through their radio pulses.

The findings are printed in the Astrophysical Journal shows that the newly discovered pulsar is without any visible companion.

Scientists believe that the pulsar will provide significant detail regarding binary neutron star system. Presently, there are ten percent known pulsars present in the binary system. Most of them usually orbit companion white dwarf stars.

The students were the members of the NSF-funded educational outreach program. The program is a combine project of West Virginia University and National Radio Astronomy. It allows high school students to use the data of Green Bank Telescope. Hence, the group worked with the astronomers of Green Bank for this purpose.

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