NoSuchApp: an Innovative App to Get Rid of Annoying Ad-based Apps


Internet experts have created an innovative system that detects apps which connect ad to sites.

There are numerous Android apps connect users to external ad-based websites. Majority of these sites are linked to malware.

Recently, a team of experts from Eurecom have developed a new automated system. They utilized more than 2,000 free Android apps for this purpose.  Astonishingly, the system detected that 250,000 above Google apps are associated with different urls. There are even apps that connect users to 2,000 urls.

In the end, the research shows that around 10 percent of the Google apps are linked to 500 urls.

Surprisingly, internet experts also found that Google monitor majority of these apps. Hence, there are chances that Google is asking  app developers to pay for lenient rules.

Moreover, the Eurecom experts have also come up with a solution of the issue. They specially designed and developed a new Android app for such apps. The app, named NoSuchApp, will closely observe outgoing traffic of the users. It is available for free on the Google Play Store.

It seems like Google should be a little stricter in terms of apps. The biggest search giant should immediately consider the current research.

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