Seismologists Claim Massive Underwater Volcano Erupted in Oregon Coast

underwater volcano eruption in Oregon

Seismologists claim that an underwater volcano eruption is responsible for the recent earthquakes of Oregon. On 24th of April, more than 8,000 earthquakes hit the coast of the region.

The underwater volcano, known as Axial Seamount, is around 1,100 feet in height. It is located approximately beneath the Cannon Beach. It was selected as the site of world’s first underwater volcano observatory known as NeMo.

The volcano is pretty similar to balloon. The volcano reservoir increases as the magma fills it up. As the pressure build to a particular level, the reservoir erupt and releases magma in the ocean.

Bill Chadwick, geologists of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, has predicted the eruption in 2014. He confirms that the current eruption does not pose any serious threat of earthquake or tsunami.

Chadwick has been closely observing the seamount since last 15 years. He measures each and every tiny movement that occurs on the sea floor. Up till now, the volcano has erupted in 1998 and 2011.

For the first time, any eruption has been monitored under the new Ocean Observatories Initiative. National Science Foundation has provided funds for the program.

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