Study Finds: 60 Percent Large Herbivores On the Verge of Extinction

rhino in Africa extinction

A new survey shows a considerable decline in the population of terrestrial herbivores.

Researchers from the Oregon State University conducted the study in different regions of Asia and Africa. 74 big herbivores such as tapirs, zebras and rhinos are mostly found in these two parts of the world.  . The herbivores above weigh of 220 pounds were the main focus of the study.

The chief objective of the study was to determine the main factors behind the decline of animals.

In the end, experts found that approximately 60 percent of herbivores are at high risk of extinction.

Professor William Ripple, researcher at the Oregon State University, discussed the matter in detail. He excessive hunting, poaching, climate change and unfavorable environment are its root cause. The increasing demand of horn, skin and meat of animals has badly affected animal population.

Ripple also indicated that some of the factors are hard to eradicate as the needs of human population are essential to fulfill.

Presently, majority of the carnivore population have already become endangered species. Hence, the new findings put additional pressure on ecologist.

The study printed in the Journal Science Advances also sheds light on the end result of the decline. The decline can give birth to numerous unavoidable problems such as disturbance in food chain.

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