Apple Watch Reportedly Causing Severe Skin Irritation


skin allergy from Apple Watch

It seems like Apple is facing tough time for its newly launched wearable: Apple Watch.

People reported skin rashes on wrists after wearing Apple Watch. The news is not at all astonishing as wearbles can cause allergy in sensitive skin.

On the flip side, Apple claims that the metal of Apple watch has passed through numerous tests. The test confirmed that the wearable would not give birth to skin allergies. In addition, the iPhone makers have also consulted dermatologists for this purpose.

Furthermore, the high officials of Apple propose that people may be wearing their device inappropriately. The reason certainly sounds foolish at first, but it is not. If a person wears any wearable tightly, it will definitely cause skin problems.

In a latest blog post, Apple also recommends users to visit dermatologists in case of skin allergies. The firm has also an entire Apple Support Page in order to address the issue.

This is the not the first time when any wearable cause skin problems.  In 2014, a similar thing happened with a newly launched fitness tracker. The tracker, known as Fit bit, recalled most if its product from the market. Later on, the company found that nickel used in the stainless steel of watch was the reason behind it.

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