Is China Interested in Antarctica for Research or for Resources?


It appears like China is more interested in Antarctica as compared to the rest of the world.

Antarctica is situated nearly 2,000 miles south of Hobart. It is almost impossible to permanently live in Antarctica due to its extreme weather condition. However, a large number of seasonal tourists visit it every year. The area is stuffed with mineral resources, high protein marine life, fresh water and oil.

Up till now, the Chinese government has opened fourth research stations and outpost in Antarctica. It seems like the country is interest is beyond ordinary researches.

Last year, President of China has travelled from European capitals to Pacific Island. During his trip, he officially announced that China intends to expand operation related to Antarctica.

Xi Jingping, president of China, has also signed a five years long agreement with Australian government. As per the contract, Chinese spacecraft will get fuel and food supply from Australia. The pact is pretty suspicious for experts as they think that China is more concerned about resources than research.

Yang Huigen, director general of the Polar Research Institute of China, admits the claims of experts. He evidently states that research is currently based on natural science. However, there are chances that it may expand to resources as well.

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