Researchers Found a Bungee Cord Like Nerve System in Whales

nerve structure of blue whale

A latest study found that giant whale use extremely elastic nerves to open their mouth wide.

Blue whale is the biggest creature that ever lived on planet Earth. Its tongue weighs as much as an elephant. Mostly they catch their food through diving in deep waters.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia carefully looked at whale’s structure of mouth and tongue. During the dissection, they came across a unique fiber that was not a blood vessel. They closely examined it to determine its actual purpose. Astonishingly, the analysis of the fiber reveals the procedure through which whales balloon an immense pocket to capture prey.

Wayne Vogl, researcher from Cellular and Physiological Sciences department, calls it “remarkable study”. He states that the nerve structure of whale is pretty different from other vertebrates.

Pack of nerve fibers is usually wrapped in a thick layer of collagen and elastic. The fiber opens only when the mouth expands for the intake of food and water. Generally, extreme stretching of nerves completely breaks the system. Only 10 percent stretch of vertebrate’s nerve can avert the signals. In comparison, a 30 percent nerve pull can crack the fiber. These kinds of damages give birth to unbearable pain. It can even lead to complete paralysis.

The findings of the strange stretchy nerve are printed in the Journal Current Biology.

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