Study Finds: Climate Change Could Push Species Towards Extinction

Climate change and extinction

A new research says that greenhouse may push one out of six particular species towards extinction.

Climatologists developed numerous different models to determine the affect of climate change on animal. They accumulated and analyzed data from 113 studies based on the lifestyle of different animal.

The outcome of the study reveals that global warming will speed up the extinction process in animals. It will compel species to face massive alterations in their distribution and ecological functions.

As per the study printed in the Journal Science, survival chances of species are higher in warmer areas of the world. Hence, risks of species of Europe and North America are comparatively greater than other regions.

Presently, the global extinction risk is 2.8 percent. The ratio will ascend up with every two degree increase in global temperature. The proportion of extinction will probably climb up to 5.2 percent in next five years.

More than 23 percent South American species are currently at high risk of annihilation

Mark Urban, evolutionary biology researcher at the University of Connecticut, discussed the issue. He reports that concerned authorities should take up measures to avert climate change. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fight against global extinction.

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