Study Finds: Obesity is Good For the Survival of Diabetes Patients

obesity and diabetes

An extensive British study found that overweight type-2 diabetes patients live a longer life.

Type-2 diabetes is one of the most common diabetes. It usually affects people above the age of 45. The latest report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that 95 percent population suffers from type-2 diabetes. The ratio is equal to around 26 million Americans.

Dr. Stephen Atkin along with Pierluigi Costanzo, researchers from University of Hull, carried out the study. More than 10,568 type 2 diabetes patients were included in it. Experts followed the participants for a long time period of eleven years.

In the end, researchers concluded that obesity increases survival chances of diabetes patients up to 13 percent.

The study shows that diabetic patients with average weight have severe form of type-2 diabetes, Pierlugi says

Last year, the study printed in New England Journal of Medicine suggested that obesity can give birth to fatal diseases such as diabetes. For the first time, any study sheds light on the relation between obesity and survival rate of diabetes patients.

As per the report from World Health Organization, overweight is measured through Body Mass Index (BMMI). It is a scale to determine the degree of body fat of a person.

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