Bird Flu Hits Minnesota, More than 5 Million Birds Are Affected

Factory-farmed chickens

Minnesota Board of Animal Health reported the first bird flu case of Renville County. The flock contains nearly 12,900 turkeys.

Bird flu is an infectious viral disease of birds. It mostly infects birds such as chickens, ducks and turkeys. Some strains of bird flu can pose serious threat on human health. Humans can easily catch bird flu through any kind of contact with the infected birds.

Thus far, the pathogenic avian influenza has infected more than 80 flocks. Eight of major flocks of Minnesota are diagnosed with deadly strain of H5N2. Around 5 million birds have been infected in 21 different counties of the state. The Kandiyohi County has reported the highest number of affected farm: 29. One of these farms contain more than 89,200 turkeys.

Two more cases of avian influenza are reported from Swift County as well. It turns the total number of farms into five. The recently infected flock includes 46,200 above turkeys.

Fortunately, the southern region of the state is relatively safe from bird flu.  Up till now, the infectious disease has affected only a single chicken farm in Nicollet County.  Approximately 1.1 million chickens are present in that farm.

The Department of Natural Resources has gathered around 3,000 wild waterfowl samples from Minnesota.


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