Depression and Bipolar Make Your Brain Fuzzy

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

Depressed people usually experience fuzzy thinking, as per the latest study

Experts from University of Michigan Medical School carried out an extensive research with Depression Center. The primary aim was to determine the impact of depression on thinking ability of brain.  More than 612 female patients of depression participated in the study. Some of them also suffered from bipolar at some point of their lives. Researchers utilized powerful brain scanning test to examine the difference in depressed and non-depressed people.

Additionally, researchers requested participants to take a cognitive test. In the test, patients were asked to respond quickly as letters flash on the screen. Astonishingly, majority of them failed to pass even standard cognitive test.

The outcome of the study support previous researches that depression leads to mood swings. It directly affects specific brain regions and cognitive ability of patient.  It entirely disrupts the functioning of right posterior parietal cortex . The part is responsible to maintain concentration.

Luckily, there are numerous methods to get rid of cognitive effect of depression. At first, depressed people should closely examine their schedule. They should find out whether they are having a sound and proper sleep. Exercise, diet and time management are major factor that fight against depression.

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