Ebola Outbreak is Likely to End Soon as Weekly Cases Fall

Ebola about to end

The worst Ebola outbreak is likely to end soon since the figures of new cases dropped below 20 in two African states.

The Ebola epidemic hit multiple countries of West Africa in December 2013. More than 20,000 people suffered from the fatal disease. Ebola has killed nearly 10,000 in six different African countries. The figures are five times higher as compared to all other known Ebola outbreak.

The World Health Organization evidently admits that the outbreak was mishandled from the start.

The outbreak has been officially over in Nigeria and Senegal. The two countries have not reported any new case since last September.

Sierra Leone and Guinea are currently fighting against the deadly disease.  Till the end of first week of May, nine new cases were reported from Sierra Leone.  The similar number of cases emerged in Guinea as well.

In comparisons, Liberia has not faced any new Ebola case since last 42 days. Thus, residents of the country hope that hear good news regarding the epidemic.

David Nabarro, the representative of United Nations, showed excitement on the news. He states that it is surely a remarkable progress. Concerned authorities and health workers were used to hearing a bad news followed by good news.

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