WHO Experts Predict: Europe to Face Severe Obesity Crises By 2030

Obesity in Europe

Europe is expected to face severe obesity crises till the end of 2030, experts from World Health Organization predict

Overweight refers to a person who is 10 to 15 percent higher than average BMI. It can be easily treated through proper exercise and reduction in consumption of food. More than one million people are overweight all around the globe.

In comparison, Obesity is usually defined as a condition in which a person’s BMI is 20-30 percent over. Eating disorder, no physical activity and sedentary lifestyle are its major factors. It is presently the most common health condition of the world. Around 300 million people are currently suffering from it.

Recently, WHO has released a latest report on obesity epidemic in Europe. It proposes that one in every three Britons will be obsess in the next 15 years. The proportion of obese and overweight men is likely to climb up to 89 percent. In comparison, ratio of obese women would be relatively lower with 85 percent.

Currently, Europe is considered as one of the fattest nations. As per the health survey of 2010, 74 percent people are overweight and 26 percent are obese.

The study includes more than 53 countries such as Austria, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic. It also predict considerable rise in obesity in Irish people. 85 percent Irish women would probably be overweight by 2030.

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