Finally, Secret Behind Big Gulp of Giant Whales Is Revealed

nerve in tongue of Blue whale

Scientists have solved mystery behind the big gulp of giant whale.

Baleen whale is one of the large animals that are present on Earth. The whales of northern hemisphere are relatively smaller than southern hemisphere. They contain smooth skin without any pores or oil glands. The female baleen whale is 5 percent much longer as compared to male one.

A latest research shows that nerve cells present in the mouth of whale can be double in length.  The cells permit whale to open a wide jaw for feeding. They can effortlessly fold and unfold with the movement of mouth.

It is surely a startling discovery as nerves of other vertebrates cannot stretch. The nerves are highly folded and covered in thin collagen wall. Even 10 percent stretching of nerves can cause serious harm to nervous system. It can completely break the signal transmitting process.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia spotted the nerves during dissection. The team was quite surprised to see a unique fiber.

Robert Shadwick, a zoologist at the British Columbia University, discussed the discovery. He informs that researchers were surprised to see long white cords in whale’s mouth

The findings are printed in the recent edition of Journal Current biology.

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