IMS Report: Spending on Cancer Care Crossed $100 Billion

cancer drug

The cost of cancer treatment drugs have increased to a great extent.

Cancer is a disease that refers to out of control cell growth. Thus far, researchers have discovered 100 types of cancer such as breast cancer, brain cancer, bladder cancer and bile duct cancer.

Experts from IMS Institute for Healthcare Information have been inspecting the price of cancer drug since last several months. The analysis reveals that cost of cancer drugs has reached $100 billion in 2014. The price is around 25 billion higher as compared to the cancer medicine rates of 2009.

The recent IMS report states that expensive cancer treatments are mainly responsible for it. It predicts that charges are likely to touch $117 billion to $147 billion till the end of 2018.

Murray Aitken, executive director of IMS Institute, discussed the issue in detail. He explained that there has been radical development in the field of cancer. Experts found that cancer is a multitude of sub-diseases. The new cancer therapies are way more effective as compared to the conventional ones.

In past four years, more than 45 new cancer medicines have been launched in the market.  Presently, a large number of drugs are being tested and approved. These medicines will definitely ascend up the charges.

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