Stunning Images of Thunder Captured for the First Time

First-ever lightning image captured

A study from Southwest Research Institute foretells that lightning strikes could ascend up to 50 percent in the United States.

Scientists are completely aware of the entire lightning process. However, it is not yet evident which part of lightning gives birth to thunder.

Thunder is a sound that comes with the lightening during thunderstorm. The shock wave that emerged from lightning is the major cause of thunder. It directly affects the air where the lightning strikes. If a person stands at a close range, the acoustic energy of thunder can easily hurt a person

In 2014, a team of researchers attached a copper wire to a rocket. The wire was completely coated with Kevlar. The rocket was lifted off during a thunderstorm from the military air base that loudest sound occur from the closest Earth’s surface.

Maher Dayeh, the main author of the study, talked about the experiment. He notifies that researchers initially thought that the experiment failed. However, the constructed images appeared as if a modern art is hanging above fireplace.

The study is presented at the annual Geophysical Union.

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