Give NASA Innovative Ideas for Mission to Mars and Win $5,000 Cash

Public suggestion for Mission Mars

NASA has decided to ask public thing that are essential to survive on Mars.

The US space agency named it “Journey to Mars” challenge. The program is launched through solutions-crowd sourcing platform: InnoCentive. The members of the program are dubbed as “Solvers”.  They are likely to put forward innovative and economically feasible plans for mission Mars.

NASA requested participants to focus on specific areas such as food, water, oxygen/air, medical support and social interaction. Any new areas will be highly appreciated. Suggestions should also include complete description of technology used in their ideas.

However, the limitation of weight and volume of supplies should not be neglected. The government space agency has planned to send supplies after every 500 days. Hence, the minimum requirements of future supplies are encouraged.

The last date for the submission of proposals is 6th July 2015.  The top three winners will be awarded with $5,000 cash prize.

Scientists at NASA are pretty excited about the first human landing on the red planet.  The mission is expected to begin till the end of 2013. It will pave the way for future space missions. The space agency has already designed and developed new capsule to assist Mars mission.

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