NOAA Report: Level of Carbondioxide in Atmosphere is at Record High

carbon dioxide at record high

The global monthly level of carbon dioxide has reached all time high, as per the latest report of NOAA.

Carbon dioxide is one of the essential components of greenhouse gas. Certain amount of carbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere. However, massive burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas increases its quantity. The gas can give birth to numerous dangerous medical conditions such as asthma, headache, confusion and dizziness.

Additionally, the increase global warming may lead to extreme weather condition. The recent drought of California is its biggest example.

Recently, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration accumulated air samples from 40 different locations. The close examination of air samples is quite a lengthy process. However, the outcome is pretty significant as it indicates the current rate of climate change. The main aim of the study was to help climate scientists in designing new polices.

The result of the analysis demonstrates that the monthly average level of carbon dioxide is 400.83 parts per million (ppm). Since last two million years, concerned authorities have not observed global monthly average above 400 ppm.

Pieter Tans, the chief greenhouse gas scientists at NOAA, discusses the issue. He states that the study is quite distressing and daunting. It shows the reduction of carbon dioxide gas is a complex task.

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