Saturn’s Moon Enceladus May Not Be a Habitable Planet

Saturn's moon

A latest research proposed that more than half of the eruptions from Enceladus might diffuse curtains instead of discrete jets.

Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. It is also considered as one of the brightest objects of the solar system. The surface of Enceladus is completely covered in water ice.

Five years ago, scientists at NASA observed plumes of water vapors emerging from the surface of Enceladus. They believed that the plumes are an indication of Liquid Ocean present beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s moon.  The incident raised hopes regarding the possibility of life on Enceladus.

However, a recent study dismisses all the previous misconception related to Enceladus. It suggests that the jets of material ejecting from Enceladus may be phantoms. Optical illusions usually give birth to certain type of phantoms.

Christopher Glien, researcher at the University of Carnegie Mellon, along with his colleagues carried out the research. The team used data gathered by NASA’s Cassini probe in the study. They noticed a slight glow in the background of every image.

Joseph Spitale, co-author of the study, explained the research in detail. He informs that the research can reveal significant details regarding the existence of life on the sixth largest moon.

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