Yahoo Rolls Out a Major Update to Completely Redesign Flickr

new flicker update

On Thursday, Yahoo rolled out a big update to Flicker apps for mobile and desktop. However, limited features are available on the mobile apps.

The update brings a lot of interesting features for the convenience of users.  Uploadr and camera roll are the most noteworthy tools. It enables users to effortlessly upload images on Flicker.

Another new tool, dubbed as Magic view, allow users to classify images on the basis of variables.  In addition, users can give titles, tags and metadata to their favorite images. As a result, users only have to type description of images in order to search them. The impressive search algorithm will surely increase number of flicker users.

Furthermore, the camera roll will permit users to sort out their photos. They can categorize the images according to date and month

It seems like Yahoo is trying really hard to make Flicker as famous as Facebook. The outcome of the effort can generate massive revenue for the company.   In 2008, facebook and Flicker had market shares of 20 million. However, Flicker’s shares have decreased to a great extent at the end of 2014.

This week, Yahoo has also pushed out new version of its mobile apps for Apple products.

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