Ebola Outbreak Put a Big Question Mark on Global Health Security

WHO failed to handle EBola

The Ebola virus outbreak puts a big question mark on the global health security.

Thus far, numerous health groups and experts have come up with reasons behind the outbreak. They carefully looked at different aspects of health care for this purpose.

Recently, a team of health experts have presented a report based on affect of Ebola on health organization.

They reported that early detection of outbreak is the most common approach. Experts usually consider it the best way to fight against epidemic. However they completely ignore the second most important factor:  health services. Easy access to health services, drugs and treatment can radically cut the chances of such disaster.

Since last several decades, global health security has been ignored.  World health organization has failed to give required importance to health security.

The recent Ebola epidemic is the best opportunity to determine the failure of health system.

WHO has also openly admitted their failures in managing Ebola outbreak. The health organization has also released a six page long report on it.

David L. Heymann, professor of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology, calls health security first step to fight against diseases.

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