Liberia to be Declared Ebola Free Soon, As No New Cases Reported from 42 days

Liberia Ebola

Health agency of Liberia is set to announce end of Ebola in the country. However, high officials believe that there are chances of re-emergence of the diseases.

Since last 42 days, no new Ebola case has been reported from the country. A virus usually takes maximum 21 days to show prominent symptoms. Thus, health authorities usually wait 42 days to declare a country free from any diseases. The time duration is double the normal incubation period.

Dr. Amesh Adlja, a senior associate at the University of Pitsburgh Medical Center, discussed the reason behind the specific time duration. He states that missed cases usually surface till the end of 42 days. According to this condition, Liberia fulfills all criteria of an Ebola free country.

However, health experts are worried that the deadly infectious disease could turn up again. As a result, the government has also increased monitoring processes and infrastructure against Ebola.

Dr. Joel Selanikio, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine, discussed the role of health system in outbreak. He states that health system of a country plays an integral part in an epidemic of the disease.

Up till now, the highly contagious disease has killed more than 4,716 people in Liberia. Around 10,564 people have been infected from the diseases.

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