Measles Vaccine Protect Against Other Highly Contagious Diseases

measles vaccination fights against other diseases

A latest medical research shows that measles weakens immune system for more than three years.

Researchers from Princeton University carried out the research with International Affairs and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  The primary aim of was to find how measles infection affects human body. They closely analyzed data the data of before and after the introduction of measles vaccine.  Medical records of children between the ages of 1 and 9 were included.  Afterwards, experts evaluated data from a different perspective.

In the end, the analysis uncovered that there is a strong link between measles incidents and deaths from other diseases. The outcome was similar in the data of three different countries.

Hence, researchers concluded that measles leaves the immune system in the state of amnesia. It compels immune system to forget how to protect body against deadly infections.  In other words, immune system amnesia makes body more vulnerable to other illnesses.

Therefore, there are chances that even a harmless disease can kill measles affected child.

Jessica Metcalf, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, explained the study. She notifies that scientist were already aware of the fact that measles attacks immune memory. However, the recent research indicates that it damages immune system for much longer time period.

The paper is published in Thursday’s edition of Journal Science.

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