Senate Carefully Evaluates Current Child Nutrition Programs

School Children Eating a Healthy Lunch

On Thursday, Senate board severally criticized federal programs for school lunches.

The panel carefully looked at the current childhood nutrition programs. The study was aimed to discuss their usefulness with medical and health researchers.

Sen Pat Roverts, head of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, strictly assessed the effectiveness of healthy school lunch programs. He states that majority of such kind of programs have failed to meet the expectations of health experts. Hence, it is essential to permit flexibility and develop acceptance of new models.

Concerned authorities blame lack of nutritional meals for obesity. They believe that healthy diet is the only way to cut the chances of obesity. Thus, it is recommended that children should add 16 percent vegetables and 23 percent food in their diet.

In America, the number of obese children is increasing day by day. Obesity may lead to several major health diseases such as early age diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. It immediately limits physical activities of a child.

According to the latest report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every five American child is overweight. The rate of obesity has climbed up to sky since last several years.

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