Ebola Outbreak Highlights the significance of Global Health security

Global health security

The recent Ebola crisis highlighted numerous issues of West Africa. The epidemic has initiated a debate over several problems such as significance of health security and political will.

A latest survey demonstrates that uncertain political condition was the main reason behind the lack of health sources. The study, printed in Journal Lancet, is based on more than two articles

Health experts studied Ebola outbreak from multiple perspective like easy access to healthcare services. The primary objective was to figure out how Ebola outbreak can be used to improve political commitment. The stable political condition will eventually lead to accessible health security.

Margaret Kruk, MPH from the Department of Global Health and Population, along with other health precisionists discussed the outbreak.

Kruk explains that outbreak underlined the performance of health system during a crisis. Generally, concerned authorities are not ready to face such kind of massive epidemic. They usually blame late detection of the disease for the outbreak.

David L. heymann, a professor at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, described the main issue. He states that the latest outbreak has shown the importance of health security.

The Global Health security refers to easy access to health services for every individual.

Experts believe that global health security should be given much more importance for health security.

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