Do not Upload Enhanced Profile Pictures on Dating Site, If You Want a Date

strong link of dating profile pictures and trust

Women who edited their profile pictures seems less trustworthy to men, a latest study reveals

Women usually think that uploading beautiful and attractive picture is the only way to attract men. However, the latest study rebuffs all the previous misconception regarding dating. The research has made the dating world much more complex.

A team of researchers from University of Connecticut carried out a study on dating sites. They carefully looked at 305 individuals from the age of 17-36.  Experts showed four dating profiles to the participants. Afterwards, numerous questions were asked from man regarding the profiles. The participants were also requested to rate the profiles in terms of trust, attractiveness and similarity.

Surprisingly, the end result of the study showed that majority of the men do not trust dating profiles with enhanced pictures. In case of men, women find well-groomed men more reliable as compared to the others.

Rory McGloin, the main author of the study, explains the study in detail. He notifies that there is a strong link between attractive women and trust for males. Even though, men do not trust attractive women but they still pursue her for date.

The findings of the study will be presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association.

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