FDA Report: Popular Sports Supplements May Cause Brain Hemorrhage

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A woman suffered from a deadly hemorrhagic stroke after a workout, according to a recently published report.

53 years old Swedish woman was quite healthy. She used to take a proper diet and used to work out effortlessly numerous times in a week.

However, her entire life changed when she started taking a sports supplement. She wanted to increase her athletic performance through supplements.

After 45 minutes of the first dose of supplement, the woman began to feel drowsiness and numbness in her left hand. She immediately visited emergency room where doctors found she had suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke.

The stroke was quite surprising as all the ingredients of supplements were. harmless. 300 milligram of caffeine was the strongest among them. But, there was an ingredient which was not mentioned in the list of ingredients.  The organic compound is commonly known as β-methylphenylethylamine (BMPEA).

The chemical compound directly affects blood pressure. High blood pressure can give birth to numerous diseases such as kidney failure, heart failures and strokes. As per the report of FDA, BMPEA is not yet tested on human for safety. Therefore, it is unlawful to include BMPEA in any dietary supplement.

Hence, FDA has issued a warning letters to five major supplement manufacturers. In the letter, the federal agency orders them not to sell supplements with BMPEA compound.

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