Obama Orders Health Insurance Firms to Include Birth Control Methods


On Monday, The Obama administration issued a notice for health insurance companies. As per the notice, the insurance firms must include female contraception pills in their plans.

The Food drug and administration has approved more than 18 birth control methods. Health insurance firms should cover any one of these methods.
Obama believes that free access to birth control will improve economic condition of the country. Planned Parenthood cut the chances of poverty for the children of future.

A few months ago, an extensive health report found that majority of the payers is not following federal laws. They are charging women for contraceptives.

On the other hand, health insurance firms argued that they pay for hormonal methods of birth control. Even though hormonal method and contraceptive methods are two different categorizes, but their purpose is same.

Patty Murray, a senior democrat on the Senate health committee, appreciates the move. She states that numerous insurance companies are violating laws since last several years.

Additionally, the report states that insurers are also rejecting care for transgender people.

Moreover, the administration also orders health insurance firms should also include genetic testing and counseling.  The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing foretells the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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