Bird’s Beak Transforms Into Dinosaur Bones Through Slight Anatomical Alteration

bird's beak transformed into dinosaur

A team of researchers from Harvard University genetically altered chickens to develop dinosaur-like snouts.

Researchers disrupt the entire beak development process of chicken. The disturbance permits birds to grow snouts instead of beaks.

Bhart Anjan S. Bhullar, paleontologist and developmental biologist at Yale University. He states that the primary objective is to comprehend the molecular structure of dinosaur.

In the beginning, researchers studied the process of beak formation in detail.  They analyzed the previous researches on chicken embryo. They discovered that specific birds release special kind of protein while developing embryo.  In comparison, beakless animals release small amount of similar protein.

Therefore, scientists injected chemical inhibitors to avert the production of that protein. In the end, researchers observed that the birds grew round bones instead of beaks.

Scientists noticed several other changes in the birds. The palates of birds returned to their original state. As per the study printed in Jorunal Evolution, the palate configuration resembles to small dinosaurs.

In general, the study shows that slight anatomical alteration can lead to major consequences.

However, a few experts argued that beak development is slow process. It cannot be described through a single gene.

The dinosaur becomes popular after the mega-hit film “Jurassic Park”. People started liking and taking interest in dinosaur.

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