Google Admits Its Self Driving Car Was Involved in 11 Minor Accidents

accidents in Google Self-driving cards

On Monday, Google admits that its self-driving cars have been involved in 11 minor accidents.

The Google self-driving car is a project in which the firm develops technology for autonomous cars. Since last six years, Google has been testing the new technology.

Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self driving car project, released the number of accidents. He explains that the accidents did not cause any injury. The unfortunate incidents occurred in both situations: with drivers and without drivers.

Before the Urmson’s statement, The Associated Press reported that self-driving cars faced numerous accidents. Majority of the accidents occurred when Google was testing the car. One of the accidents took place during the experiment of an auto industry supplier.

As per the recent blog post of Google, the cars and technology were not responsible for the accidents. However, the person familiar with the matter informed that cars were in self-driving mode.  They were moving at a speed of less than 10 mph.

John Simpson, director of the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog, talked about the issue. He states that the primary objective of the firm is to develop a pedal-less cards.  It signifies that driver would be unable to control the car. Hence, the biggest search giant has included camera in it.

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