WHO Issues Strict Disease Naming Guidelines to Avoid Offence

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization intends to change the way experts name new disease.

Health experts usually name new diseases on the basis of place, communities and animals like swine flu. Such kind of names leaves an unintended negative impact on societies.

In a recent WHO conference, high officials discussed the issue in detail. They reported that contemporary names target particular communities and regions. It directly affects the economical condition of those geographical zones. It can give birth to numerous serious problems for the residents of those regions.

Dr. Keiji Fukuda, assistant director general for health, states that it certainly seems a minor issue. However, it can lead to negative consequences on people who are directly related to it.

In the past, several names of diseases like Middle East respiratory, German measles have created disgrace for specific communities. Surprisingly, diseases that are named after animals also initiated serious problems. People began to show cruel attitude towards particular animals.

As a result, WHO said that it is essential to avoid names that generate fear.  Hence, newly discovered diseases should be given names link to seasons.

Furthermore, the health organization announced that new guidelines are not applicable on current names. The guidelines are only for the guidance of International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

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