Report: Avian Flu Outbreak Hits Four States Including Nebraska

avain flu in Nebraska

The worst avian flu outbreak has been confirmed in the United States.

Since last year, more than 32 million birds have been dead in three states. The deadly strain has also been found in three commercial poultry of North America. Lowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin have officially announced state of emergency.

As per the recent report of Nebraska Department of Agriculture, more than 1.7 million chickens have been infected with the diseases.

Greg Ibach, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, informed about the current situation. He states that nearly 6.2 million affected facilities are quarantined. However, the investigation team will carry out surveillance in the surroundings of the facility as a preventive measure.

The concerned authorities in Nebraska were prepared for the outbreak.  The high officials reported that the risk of outbreak was pretty high in the state. Hence, they knew that the fatal strain will soon the state.

Additionally, the NDA informs that they are working with the experts of USDA. The primary objective is to protect as many poultry farms as they can.

The outbreak has badly affected economy of the country. Up till now, three major countries have banned the US supplies.  The supplies used to generate revenue of nearly $6 billion.

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