Pay Smokers and They Will Happily Quit Smoking

smoking cessation

Health experts found a very unique way to get people to quit smoking: reward.

A large number of people participate in quite smoking sessions such as counselling and nicotine replacement therapy. Half of them hardly stop smoking till the end of the program. Hence, a group of researchers from University of Pennsylvania come up with an innovative idea for it.

More than 2,500 smokers participated in the recent study. Researchers divided them into five different groups. 16 percent of them were requested to take follow traditional smoking cessation methods. Remaining of them were promised to be granted 150 if they quit smoking. After two weeks, researchers found that notable numbers of participants stopped smoking for the sake of money.

In comparison, only 6 percent participants of counselling session for quiting smoking. Therefore, researchers concluded that attraction of financial incentives is relatively more effective than other methods.

Dr. Scott Halpem, Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Incentives and Behavioural Economics, explains the study. He states that a small amount of money can improve health quality of millions of people.

The study is published online in Thursday’s edition of England Journal of Medicine.


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