Study: Vitamin B3 Supplements Fight Against Certain Skin Cancer

skin cancer and Vitamin B supplement

A latest medical study uncovers that a cheap medicine can significantly cut the risk of reoccurrence of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States. Basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer are two of its common types. It usually develops in people who spend a lot of time in sun.

A team of Australian researchers carried out a clinical trial to determine the affect of Vitamin B3 on skin.  Around 400 people who had suffered from skin cancer were included in the study. They were asked to take two pills of nicotinamide daily. Nicotinamide is a commonly used supplement of vitamin B3.

At the end of the study, experts concluded that the supplement lessens the risk of skin cancer up to 23 percent.  It instantly provide huge amount of energy to skin cells. It produces a protective layer against the damaging rays of sunlight.   Ultraviolet rays of sunlight are the major cause of skin cancer.

Dr. Diona Damian, lead author of the study, explained the research in detail. She states that it is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent skin cancer.

The study is expected to be presented at the annual meeting of the oncology society. The meeting will begin from 29 of May in Chicago.

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