Blue Bell Ice Cream Hits Black Market at a High Price of $1,000

Bluebell icecream in Black market

Shortly after the complete Blue Bell recall, people begin to sell cartons of Blue Bell ice cream in black market.

In 2014, three people have been died due to listeria caused by Blue Bell products.  Afterwards, the firm immediately recalled some of its products from the market.

The ice maker has strictly asked consumers not to eat any of their products. They requested them to return all the purchased products to the nearest stores.

Recently, the ads of Banana Pudding, Homemade Vanilla ice-cream and  Moo-Ilennium Crunch surfaced on Craigslist. Fans of Blue bell ice cream have to pay a large sum of money to get a tub.  People are selling a single tub at a price of $10,000.

However, the sellers have also published a waning along with the ad. The warning states that they will not be responsible for health issue related to the icecream.

Recently, Blue Bell Creameries signed an agreement with Texas, Oklahoma State regulatory agencies. As per the deal, the ice cream maker has to observe numerous steps before bringing its products back in market. The firm has to give a two weeks prior notice ahead of shipping products. The entire shipment will be tested in order to avoid another Listeria outbreak.

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