Latest Report: Bird Flu Outbreak Has Killed 48% of US Poultry Farm Animals

bird flu outbreak in US

In past five months, avian influenza has infected around 33 million farm animals such as chickens. Thus far, Lowa has been the biggest target of bird flu.  Approximately 40 percent of hens are dead now.

This is the first time when America has faced such kind of massive bird flu outbreak. Earlier, the virus has attacked to numerous Asian countries like Pakistan and India.

Every day, Agriculture Department officially confirms death of another thousand birds. Two days ago, first bird flu case was reported from a farm of South Dakota.

Additionally, one of the biggest egg producer firms has killed more than 5.5 million housed hens due to avian influenza. The numbers are approximately 17 percent of the entire country’s poultry.

Generally, when a bird flu case emerges concerned authorities check every nearby animal as preventive measure.  In addition, state officials also check every single bird for virus.

Analysts believe that the outbreak will certainly affect the economy of the United States. Dozens of countries are imposing permanent or temporary ban on the US poultry imports.  China, Japan and Mexico are the most prominent names as they were top 10 importers of the country.

Furthermore, the deadly virus outbreak will increase the prices of eggs. The rates of egg products, such as mayonnaise, are expected to rise as well.

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