California Senate Passes Bill to Make Vaccination Obligatory

new law to make vaccines obligatory

On Thursday, California senate passed a controversial bill which would made vaccination obligatory.

As per the newly passed bill, parents would not be allowed to admit their kids in school without vaccination. The state authority has eliminated the option of “personal belief” for the exemption of vaccination.

Richard Pan, Democratic State Senator, explained the issue in detail. He states that the personal belief exemption poses a big threat to the health of entire nation.

Presently, public is more concerned whether the states will also abolish exemption for religious belief or not. If yes, California will become 49th states which do not permit religious exemptions.

Vaccines are essential for the health of children, says Pan

It is a widely known misconception that vaccines are linked to autism. Hence, a large number of people avoid CDC vaccination guidelines. Thus, recent bill is definitely a strong move against the supporters of anti-vaccination movement.

Senator Ben Allen, a Democrat from Santa Monica, highly appreciates the move. He states that the considerable increase in supporters of anti-vaccination movement put everyone at risk.

Up till now, two other US states has implemented a law to eradicate personal belief exemption. In these states, all school going children have to receive proper vaccines. Such kind of vaccines is pretty significant for their health as they protect from numerous diseases.


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