Daily Dose of Vitamin B3 Supplements Protect You From Skin Cancer

Vitamin B3 Supplements and Skin Cancer

An inexpensive supplement cut the chances of recurrence of skin cancer up to 23 percent, study says.

According to the latest report of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Extreme sun exposure is the primary cause of the skin cancer. It damages cellular DNA and weakens the skin’s immune system. Every year, more than 3 million Americans suffer from the painful disease.

Researchers from American Society of Clinical Oncology performed an extensive study to determine the benefits of Vitamin B3. Around 386 people who had already suffered from skin cancer were included in it.  They were requested to take pills of vitamin B3 twice a day.

The findings shows that vitamin B3 reduces the chances of re-emergence of skin cancer in individuals. It insatantly provides boost to skin cells and repairs the damages DNA cells. It develops a protective layer against the ultraviolet light rays.

Peter Paul Yu, director of cancer research at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, discussed the study. He states that it is a broad study with positive outcome. However, further analysis is needed to figure out whether the effect will be same on every one or not.

The Vitamin B3 supplements comes with a price tag of $10. It is easily available at most of the pharmacies of the world.

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