NASA Scientists Predict Larsen B Ice Shelf Will Demise Within Years

Antarctic Ice Shelf

According to the recently issued report of NASA, a 10,000 years old Antarctica ice shelf is rapidly melting.

Last week, researchers from British Antarctic Survey reported that massive Larsen C ice shelf has a big crack.  The gap poses a serious threat to its existence.  The size of ice shelf is even greater than the US states of New Hemisphere.

This week, NASA’s scientists warn that Larsen C ice shelf is melting at an alarming rate. There are chances that it will completely demise till the end of this decade. If the forecast turns out true, then coming years are going to be dangerous for Antarctic Peninsula.

Ice shelves work like gatekeepers for glaciers of Antarctica. Absence of ice shelves will allow glaciers to enter the oceans.

After the complete melt, the ice shelf may breaks into hundreds of small icebergs. However, the collapse will not affect the global sea level.

Ala Khazendar, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, remarks on the study. He states that these are warning signs for concerned authorities. They should take strong measures to protect the ice shelves.

The study is available in the Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

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