Senate Passes Controversial Vaccine Bill To Remove Personal Belief Exemption

vaccination bill passed

California Senate approves the bill regarding abolish of “personal belief exemption” of vaccines.

The bill, dubbed as SB277, will remove the “personal belief exemption” from school vaccination requirements. However, “exemptions for medical reasons” would be allowed.

As a result, parents who do not vaccinate their child would have to teach their children at home.

The bill is an outcome of the recent Disneyland measles outbreak. The highly contagious disease has infected more than 102 people in the United States. Majority of the affected children were unvaccinated.

It is a strong step against the supporters of anti –vaccination movement. A large number of parents believe that vaccines are associated to autism. Hence, they opt out from vaccines through “personal belief exemption” and “religious belief exemption”.

Jack Pitney, a politics and government professor at Claremount McKenna College, remarks on the bill. He states the bill is a hard push for anti-vaccine supporters.

Unvaccinated children pose a serious threat to entire community.  It may lead to epidemic of highly transmittable diseases. When most of the members of a community are vaccinated, there is less chances of outbreaks.

Therefore, the supporters of the bill believe that increase in vaccination rates is the only way to protect public.

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