Birthplace of Chinook Salmon Tracked Through Ear Bone

Life history of chinok salmon

Since last several decades, scientists have been trying to determine the origin of Chinook salmon but in vain.

Four years ago, a Chinook salmon was unearthed from bay region of Alaskan Bristol.  Researchers from University of Alaska Fairbanks along with experts of University of Washington analyzed it. They found that the ear bone of the salmon tracks its entire life.  The rings around ear bone grow with the salmon.

Sean Brennan, main author of the paper, discussed the study in detail. He states that the fish contain a unique kind of recorder. It records the entire life of the specie through an ear bone.

The team matched up the ear bone chemical of salmon with the isotopes of Bristol Bay. The primary objective was to figure out how the element reveals previous locations of the salmon. Later on, they found that the element stores chemical traces from every location. It can provide significant details regarding the entire life of the fish.

Mathew Woller, co-author of the study, explains the chemical. He states that this specific element is strongly connected to geography. It can indicate previous locations of the fish.

As per the study published in the Journal Science Advances, experts effortlessly traced the birthplace of salmon.  They uncovered that Chinook salmon was born in Nushagak watershed.

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