Want to Know Most Distinctive Cause Of Death in Your State? Get Hold of CDC Map

CDC distinctive death cause map

Recently, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created a map to indicate the “most distinctive” cause of death in the United States.

Generally, people believe that cancer and cardiovascular disease are the main death causes.

Two CDC health experts, Dr. Farncis P Boscoe and Eva Pradhan, performed a survey to determine causes of deaths in 50 US states. Most of the death causes turned out pretty common such as black lung disease and influenza. However, the team also used National center for Health Statistics 133 selected causes of Death List.

At the end, researchers found unexpected reasons of death. They discovered that causes of death vary from one state to another. People of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky mostly die due to lung related diseases.  In comparison, flu is more common death factor in South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming.

In several states the most distinctive cause of death does not infect many people.  Louisiana is its best example as syphilis causes most deaths.  Surprisingly, the disease only infects 22 people every year.

Disease and infections are not the only common death cause. Accidents are the primary cause of deaths.  More than half of the deaths in Alabama are caused due to   accidental discharge of firearms.

The map is available in the Journal Preventing Chronic Diseases.

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