California Senate Allows “Beer Bikes” to Run on Streets

law for beer bikes

On Monday, California Senate passes a bill that enables “beer bikes” to run on streets.

Beer bikes are commonly known as pedal powered quadricycle operation. It is a new kind of buses that permit up to 15 people to pedal at slow speed. The bill, dubbed as SB530, would allow beer bikes to share the streets with other vehicles. However, the law enforcement agencies would decide whether beers should be allowed on it or not.

The new bill will set a vehicle safety standard for the new kind of bikes. It will tell public how bikes should work and move on roads.

In past few years, beer bikes have been surfaced in few of the US states such as San Diego and Sacramento. They are mostly found at places where alcohol is easily available like bars and restaurants. They are currently used as riding tours.

State Senator, Richard Pan, discusses the bill in detail. He informs that presently, there is no proper rules and regulation for beer bikes. They newly passed bill will create criteria for inspection and safety measures. It will compel people to follow certain rules while travelling on beer bikes.

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