NASA Warns Larsen B Ice Shelf Is Likely to Vanish By 2020

Larsen B ice shelf

A latest NASA study reveals that last section of Antarctica ice shelf is likely to vanish within years.

Larsen B ice shelf is nearly 625 square mile long.  It has existed since last 10,000 years. In past three years, the melting speed of ice shelf has increased due to a massive rift.  As per the study printed in Journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, the ice shelf is likely to shatter into hundred of iceberg by 2020.

Ice shelves are usually regarded as extensions of glaciers. They act like barriers that avert glaciers from melting into the ocean. Weakening ice shelves probably means massive glaciers floating into the ocean. It directly affects the global sea level. It can cause a serious threat to the humans and sea creatures.

However, complete end of floating Larsen B ice shelf would not make any difference. Last year, half of the ice shelf has already vanished in the air. It increases considerable rate of sea level. Hence, the current melting would not affect the sea level.

Ala Khazendar, main author of the study, calls it an “alarming” study. He said that the breakdown of remaining ice shelf is a warning sign for concerned authorities. They should take immediate action to ensure the stability of glaciers.

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