Scientists Discover an Innovative Way to Prepare Morphine at Home

Poppy plants for morphine

A latest research proposes that yeast can be genetically modified to produce opiates from sugar.  Through this method, people can easily made dangerous drugs at home

Generally, doctors prescribe morphine and opiods drugs to relief the pain. These drugs are a bit expensive as they are manufactured through plant. Thus far, poppy plants are considered as the only way to produce them. Since last several decades, researchers have been trying to create inexpensive opioids but in vain.

Recently, a team of researchers from UC Berkeley tried to produce the drug in lab. The primary objective was to create genetically engineered cheap opioids and morphine. They carried out a sixteen step long process to generate opioid. Initially, they separated a crucial enzyme from sugar beets known as reticuline. Afterwards, they mutated its gene in order to make it more useful. In the end, the aim of research was attained by the addition of numerous foreign DNA.

Christopher Voight, researcher of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discussed the study in detail. He states that the methods will permit people to “home-brew” opiates in future.

Researchers believe that the newly developed method can radically increase access to illegal opiates.

The complete process is available in Monday’s issue of Nature Chemical Biology.

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