Study Finds: Women With Dense Breast Not At High Risk of Developing Cancer

breast cancer screening for dense breast

Earlier, a few medical studies showed that women with dense breast tissues are at high risk of breast cancer. Dense tissues can effortlessly hide small tumors from X-Rays. Hence, doctors usually recommend such women to get screening twice a year.

However, a latest study rebuffs all the previous misconceptions. It proposes that breast density is not associated with increased risk of cancer.

Dr. Karla Kerlikowske, professor at University of California San Francisco, along with his colleagues performed an extensive study. The primary aim was to determine the risk of cancer in women with dense breast.

The team closely analyzed mammograms of 365,426 women. Majority of these women were between ages of 40 – 74.  Experts used several models to figure out how many participants would develop cancer. Afterwards, they adjusted all the cancer-related factors such as breast biopsy, age and race.

The outcome of the analysis reveals that around 24 percent of the participants with dense breast were not at risk of developing cancer.  Therefore, researchers concluded that density of the breast is not the only factor linked to cancer. Doctors and health professionals should also consider other related causes as well.

The study appears in the recent issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.

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