Researchers Identify Part of Brain Responsible For Speech Timings

speech activates brain

Scientists have discovered temporal lobe of the brain which is responsible for timings of human speech.

Speech timings play a vital role in spoken language. It is one of the essential components of human speech. Human brain use information of phonemes to comprehend the speech.

Earlier, researchers were only aware of the fact that specific brain parts react to sounds. The main function of those parts is to recognize and understand the sound.

Experts from Duke University along with scientists of MIT University carried out a research on brain. They calculated the movement of neurons through speech quilts. It allowed them to study the brains of participants with the help of MRI machine.

The analysis shows that speech sound activates particular part of brain. The part, commonly known as superior temporal sulcus, is present inside the temporal lobe. It became extremely active during the 480- and 960- millisecond quilts. However, affect of 30-millisecond quilts is quite different from these two.

Tobias Overath, professor of psychology and neuroscience, explains the study. It the different sound lengths produces different affect on STS.

The findings have solved the long-debated mystery of neurological functions.

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