Scientists Develop a New Technique to Control Liquid Antennas

different wavelengths of liquid metal

Researchers from North Caroline State University found a way to control liquid metal present in antennas. The technique does not require any kind of external pump to push the metal.

Scientists applied positive voltage which lessens the surface tension of the metal. It compels the material to expand.  In the same way, metal shrinks as the negative voltage increases the surface tension.

Michael Dickey, professor at NCSU, is pretty optimistic that the findings will pave the way for further research. Numerous new techniques could be discovered through slight alteration in voltage.

Antennas can easily provide devices such as mobile phones through its wavelength. It can entirely change the way people use things related to internet.

As per the study printed in Journal of Applied Physics, researchers are working on methods to control liquid metal in two directions.  The primary aim is to shift the place of metal. It will enable scientists to form several two-dimensional shapes.

The length and size are the major issue in the existing antennas. Unlike the new ones, they can be only switched off and switched on.

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